• Patrick Baker

Happiness (3)

Contrary to popular desire - happiness, Biblical happiness, that lasts and abides is not the result of a quick fix. Getting what we want and when we want it is more or less the most important thing for a large percentage of society. God’s Word reminds us that dealing with problems quickly but insufficiently creates its own set of painful troubles. In Jeremiah’s time the wounds that needed God’s prescribed remedy, were only slightly healed by alternative methods. The cries of peace were dismantled by the sobering evaluation, ‘there is no peace’. How can there be for those whose hearts are in rebellion against God? It is His peace that man needs in order to be truly happy and obtaining His peace comes through reconciliation to Him and by His way.

Think again of what David wrote in Psalm 32:6 & 8 ‘Even as David also describeth the blessedness of the man, unto whom God imputeth righteousness without works…blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin

Among all the colossal truths that stand out in these words concerning the justification of the believer there is the reminder that God’s pardoning of the sinner has always been the same. It is an act of His grace. We are reminded that the Gospel is not a New Testament doctrine alone but it is that everlasting Gospel that spans both testaments and all ages. Peace and happiness which flow from it partake of this same enduring nature.

"God provides a covering for our sin and not a covering up of our sin"

Happiness comes to us because the Almighty has come to us in the person of His Son. God provides a covering for our sin and not a covering up of our sin and it is this that establishes happiness firmly in our hearts. If it was merely a covering up of our sin then like the covering itself our happiness would not endure. The Gospel, declaring the atoning work of Christ as all sufficient, covers our sin. ‘The stream’ we cry with joy, ‘it cleanesth me!

But there is more. There is always more with our gracious God! He does not impute or charge to our account our guilt and sin when joined to Christ by faith. This is what David was most humbled by, even as a believer, the Lord will not impute to me my sin! Rightly we should be lost in awe and wonder as we meditate upon the covering provided for us in the righteousness of Christ. However, never lose sight of the twin truth - God will not condemn His blood purchased people though we deserve a thousand hells. This is the essence of reconciliation and I argue is the root and origin of true, Biblical happiness. It is where it all starts and everyone knows the worth of starting right.

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